About MORRFlate Multi Tire Inflation & Deflation™ Kits

A Note from Tyler Laursen, Owner and Founder of MORRFlate (2022):

Holy cow what a journey! I started this project in 2016 when I did what a lot of you probably do… Got sick of running around my rig and squatting at my tires twice per trip. I then proceeded to pop the hose, cut my hand on the hose clamps, break one of the fittings on the Rubicon, and wear down my valve stem threads and change my valve stems within 2 years. Over time, and driven by extreme laziness to not squat at my tires any more, I found better parts, higher quality fittings, durable hoses, and put it all together in a complete package that is simple, refined, and easy to use. Fast forward, with friends and local 4×4 clubs asking for kits, I started an online storefront. Since the blowup of outdoor recreation during COVID-19, we have incorporated, got a warehouse, and are able to start providing jobs surrounded by a pretty damn awesome industry and fun atmosphere.

Giving back to this industry that allows us to provide an offroad lifestyle for friends and family is an important goal for us. We are business members of Cal4Wheel, TLCA, and CORVA. Up through 2020, we were able to donate close to $10,000 towards raffles and give aways that benefit 4×4 organizations across the country. In 2021 alone, we were able to donate over $17,500. We are also local to, and help with trail maintenance on The Rubicon Trail, Fordyce Creek Trail, and the Barret Lake Trail in Northern California.

Our #1 priority is customer service. We realize that there are a lot of companies out there that nickel and dime all of us, or outsource their customer service, or are okay with long lead times and not properly planning production. That’s not us. We want to revamp the industry and be the leader in terms of servicing and being that “buddy” to all our customers. Need a chuck switched out because you dropped your kit in the mud? Need a custom setup or help planning a MORRFlate into you build? Let us know! We are here to help you and work with you so you can get out to the trails and enjoy more time in the outdoors.

Check Out Some Multi Tire Inflation Deflation™ Info Below!

How To Clean Your MORRFlate Air Chucks!

After lots of use, your MORRFlate may start to leak from the air chucks. Or, the locking collars get jammed up and don't want to engage and disengage. These 2 ...
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MORRFlate Application Chart

MORRFlate Quad and Duo are recommended for wheelbases up to 125 inches (318 CM) MORRFlate Quad+ and Duo+ are recommended for wheelbases from 126-155 inches (320-394 CM) Wheelbase is defined ...
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Spencer Hogg’s Review And Feedback Of His MF Kit on YouTube

Spencer Hogg did a review on his MORRFlate 4 Tire Inflation Deflation Kit! Check it out and pay close attention to the part where he talks about compressor heat efficiency! ...
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Q: What size MORRFlate do I need to fit my vehicle? A: The easiest way to tell is to measure your wheelbase. A wheelbase is the measurement from the center ...
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The MORRFlate Off Road 4 Tire Inflation Deflation™ Kit

The My Off Road Radio, MORRFlate Off Road 4 Tire Inflation Deflation™ Kit- Inflate, Deflate, Equalize up to 4 Tires at Once! General Info -- Usage -- Vehicle Fit -- ...
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