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Giving back

Giving Back to Our Community is Everything

Giving back to this industry allows us to provide an offroad lifestyle for friends and family and that is just one of the drivers for our success. Up through 2020, we donated close to $10,000 to 4×4 organizations. In 2021 alone, that number was over $17,500. And $23,400 in 2022. Bringing our total to just under $45,000 in our small 4-year existence. We are also local to and help with trail maintenance on The Rubicon Trail, Fordyce Creek Trail, and the Barret Lake Trail in Northern California.

Humble Beginnings

A Note from Tyler Laursen, Owner and Founder of MORRFlate (2022)

What an incredible journey it has been! It all began back in 2016 when I found myself in the same situation that many of you might have experienced. Tired of constantly maneuvering around my vehicle and bending down to my tires every time I made a trip, I decided it was time for a change. Little did I know that this decision would lead me on an adventure filled with both challenges and triumphs.In those early days, I encountered my fair share of mishaps – from accidentally popping the hose to cutting my hand on stubborn hose clamps. I even managed to break one of the fittings on my trusty Rubicon. Not to mention the wear and tear on my valve stem threads that resulted in frequent valve stem changes within just two years.

However, fueled by a burning desire to eliminate the need for tire-side squats and driven by my determination to find a solution, I embarked on a mission to source superior components. I scoured for top-notch parts, sourced higher quality fittings, and secured durable hoses. Through careful assembly, I fashioned a comprehensive system that embodies simplicity, sophistication, and user-friendliness.

As time marched forward, my innovation caught the attention of friends and local 4×4 clubs. Their interest inspired me to take a leap into the online marketplace, setting up a digital storefront. And then came the unexpected explosion of outdoor activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. This unforeseen surge paved the way for growth – incorporating the business, acquiring a warehouse, and creating employment opportunities in an industry that truly thrives on excitement and camaraderie.

A core value that guides us is the commitment to give back to the industry that enables us to cultivate an offroad lifestyle that resonates with our friends and family. We proudly hold business memberships with esteemed organizations such as Cal4Wheel, TLCA, and CORVA. From our inception up until the year 2020, we managed to contribute nearly $10,000 through raffles and giveaways that bolster 4×4 organizations nationwide. The year 2021 witnessed a remarkable leap, with our donations totaling over $17,500, and an even greater sum of $23,400 in 2022. Cumulatively, we have proudly channeled almost $45,000 in charitable contributions over our brief yet impactful four-year existence.

Moreover, our commitment extends to the trails themselves. We are deeply rooted in our local community, actively participating in trail maintenance endeavors along The Rubicon Trail, Fordyce Creek Trail, and the Barret Lake Trail in Northern California.

In essence, this journey has evolved from a personal quest for convenience to a thriving business endeavor that radiates positivity within an incredible industry. The challenges, the growth, and the sense of purpose have all amalgamated to create an extraordinary voyage that we are truly honored to be a part of.

Our utmost commitment is directed towards delivering unparalleled customer service. We fully recognize the overwhelming presence of numerous companies that resort to incremental charges, delegate their customer service to external parties, or display indifference towards extended lead times and the lack of meticulous production planning. However, our approach stands in stark contrast. We harbor a profound aspiration to revolutionize the industry, positioning ourselves at the forefront as pioneers in service excellence.

Consider us your trusted companions in this journey. Whether you’ve encountered a scenario where a replacement chuck is necessitated due to an inadvertent mud mishap, or if you’re seeking a personalized configuration or guidance for seamlessly integrating MORRFlate into your project, rest assured that we are at your beck and call. Your needs are our priority, and our unwavering commitment is to collaborate with you, acting as an indispensable partner.

Should you require assistance, be it for troubleshooting, customization, or strategic planning for your MORRFlate integration, we’re just a message away. Our mission centers on facilitating your expedition to the trails, facilitating your immersion in the great outdoors with utmost convenience. Your satisfaction and seamless trail experiences lie at the heart of our dedication.

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