MORRFlate Quad (4Tire, Up to 125″ Wheelbase)

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Sitewide Note: Update on the back order! Parts came in, we should have all orders through 3/14 out the door by end of day 3/22. Everything through 3/21 should be out the door by 3/27-3/28. Please email if you have any questions at Cheers!
Note About This Product: Nothing to note as of now. Stay safe on the trails!


Inflate, Deflate, and Equalize air pressure in all 4 tires, all at once. See all of the uses below:

– Air up 1 to 4 tires simultaneously (Less stress on your compressor!)
– Air down 1 to 4 tires simultaneously (Less stress on you!)
– Check all of the tires’ PSI from the manifold (No more continuously bending over checking PSIs)
– Move air from a spare tire into other tires
– Effortlessly equalize tire pressures
– Make all 4 tires the same pressure
– Run different PSI in the front tires from the back tires
– This version fits up to a 125″ wheelbase with the air source in the middle of the front or rear bumper areas, or in the center of the side of the vehicle (under seat mounted compressors).
– If you need a longer wheelbase, check out the MORRFlate Quad+ Off Road 4 Tire Inflation Deflation Kit
– If your air source is in a different location, check out our MORRFlate Extensions
– All MORRFlates fit ARB compressors and PowerTanks “plug n play” If you have a Smittybilt, Viaire, Warn Powerplant, or something modeled after those, you will need a MORRFlate Adapter Kits.
– Don’t forget your MORRFlate Digital Gauge with your order, so you can set precise and accurate tire PSIs, unlike dial gauges.
– Read the entire MORRFlate Off Road 4 Tire Inflation Deflation Kit article for more detailed information!




Inflate, Deflate, and Equalize up to 4 tires with no installation, and no prep. Just pull your MORRFlate out of its storage bag, hook it onto your tires, and grab a drink while all your friends get their squats in.

The MORRFlate is made with simplicity and durability in mind. It is rated for up to 22CFM, 140psi, -40 to 150 degrees F. It is kink and abrasion resistant, does not hold memory, and there is no installation required.

It will fit up to 125″ wheelbase vehicles (Yes that means your JKU or JLU!) with an air source in the middle of the front bumper, middle of the rear bumper, or center of either side of the vehicle (under seat mounted compressors).

If you need a longer wheelbase, check out the MORRFlate Quad+ Off Road 4 Tire Inflation Deflation Kit (up to 155″ wheelbase).

The entire MORRFlate line will work “plug n play” with any air source that uses an “IM Coupler” to connect to. This means ARB compressors and PowerTanks. If you have a Smittybilt, Viaire, Warn Powerplant, or something else modeled off of one of those, you will need to check out our MORRFlate Adapter Kits.

If your air source is in a different location, check out our MORRFlate Extensions.

Don’t forget your MORRFlate Digital Gauge with your order!

To read the complete writeup, check out our article on The MORRFlate Off Road Multi Tire Inflation Deflation Kit.


Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Kit Configuration

Built in Gauge (+$24.99), No Gauge

17 reviews for MORRFlate Quad (4Tire, Up to 125″ Wheelbase)

  1. Brandon (verified owner)

    Very nice product and works great! The Quad works great for a Tacoma, almost the perfect size. I have the gauge built in, and got the ARB extension. The extension makes the while deal easier to use, and is well worth it.

  2. Alex Leatham (verified owner)

    Wow! Does this product work well! Airing up and airing down my Wrangler Willys is so much easier now. It works perfectly and I will no longer debate whether to air down on dirt roads. It makes the ride so much smoother and gets me through the sand much easier.
    Excellent product I’d recommend to all off roaders. Mine has the built in pressure gauge and I like the configuration really well. Thanks MORRflate!

  3. Braden

    This thing is a game changer. No matter how good or bad your compressor is it will make airing up so much nicer. No matter how fast you are at using a rapid deflator, this thing will still save your knees and back. Ever need to air up in a rainstorm? I did. I got to sit in the truck while this thing and my compressor did their work. 100% recommend.

  4. Roger

    Have had my quad for over a year and it make sairing down and back up so easy. I have started seeing some jhonny come lately copy cats and Tyler goes above and beyond with product improvements and staying ahead of everyone else.

  5. Don Montalvo (verified owner)

    Its hard to believe how much time and effort you save with this kit. I have my ATB Dual Compressor mounted under the passenger seat of my 2020 Jeep Wrangler two door. I have 35×12.50×17 tires. Simply put, the time/effort spent using this kit is 1/4 as much as doing each wheel one at a time. There is no greater endorsement than 5 stars, and a YEAH BABY!!!

  6. Joey M (verified owner)

    Got my kit last week and took it to Zion to do some camping and off-roading over the holiday weekend. I absolutely love the product. Fast and easy to inflate. Thanks for the great product!

  7. TwoDoorOverland

    Airing up/down: Its something that is a huge perk, but tends to take a while and I neglect it when doing easy trails even though it would make the ride way more comfortable. That’s where @morrflate comes in. I got the @morrflate kit and thought it was cool, but it wasn’t the most exciting things I have for my Jeep. Now that I have used it, it is one of the coolest things I have for my rig! I can air down my 35s in under five minutes which is about the time I use to bend down and do one tire in that amount of time. I 100% suggest going with one of the kits that @morrflate offers!

  8. @_adventuretimeoverland

    Absolutely loving this morrflate system for airing up and down. Easily cuts time in half and all four tires are always equal!

  9. @hb_ranger

    Want to spend less time airing up/down and more time having fun? @morrflate has the simply solution that allows you to inflate, deflate, and equalize air pressure up to 4 tires simultaneously in minutes. With such ease from state to end, your lower back and knees will thank you every time while you sit back and let #morrflate do all the work.

  10. @phoenix_the_jl

    This time last year on a wheeling trip and I was looking for my keys to air down or borrowing a friends tool to air up ( I still borrows friends tools btw) but I wanted to give a big thank you and shout out to @morrflate for sending me this multi tire inflation/ deflation kit. It was awesome airing up all 4 tires simultaneously and was super easy to use and i would definitely recommend it! I look forward to more wheeling trips with this kit and the color just stands out awesome!

  11. Frank (verified owner)

    Great product and customer service! My wheeling buddies were jealous. In fact I just ordered another one for the guy who spots me when on the rocks as a thank you. Highly recommend!

  12. Greg Schmidt (verified owner)

    The Morrflate Quad solves two issues for me. The first is that I have a medical condition called “Fatboyitis.” It leads to such things as “AlwaysRentingtheSlowGoKartophy” and “Dang, my knees hurt.” That said, I have to kneel down exactly 8 times to air down or to air up with the Morrflate. That is a big deal for me. If you think about it, it is probably a big deal for anyone. The second issue for which it solves is my need to be precise. I won’t pretend like this is an OCD situation (it isn’t), but it should be pleasing even to those that suffer from that malady. I know I am airing down to 20 psi, so I want ALL my tires at 20 psi. I can’t stand the thought of my tires being 19, 20.2, 21, and 18.7. Don’t ask me why, it just bugs me. Even more importantly, when I air back up, I know I am about to drive at least an hour and a half to get home (product of where I live and where the nearest mountains are). Since I have just beaten up my truck, I want any steering issues to be the result of something I have thrown off in the alignment, not because one side is a few pounds tighter than the other. I know that, once the Quad equalizes my tires, I am exactly at whatever I have chosen.

    Since I ride with groups from social media platforms, we don’t always know each other in person. I get to be the “cool kid” that is done airing down way before anyone else. Just this past weekend, I was done first, entertained some questions about the Quad, and then lent it to the guy behind me. He also finished before everyone else was done. Let’s be clear about that; TWO people aired down 35’s in the time it took most of the other guys to keep walking around and checking.

    Earlier this fall, I took it on a trip to West Virginia, where I caught up with my brother, who drove in from Colorado, and my cousin, from a few hours north of me. My brother is a mechanical engineer, and my cousin is a precision freak. They both ordered theirs, one before we got home, and the other shortly after. They were both mightily impressed.

    Even if you aren’t airing down for off-roading, you will wake up soon (if not already) to the cold air setting of your TPMS. These things are supposed to warn you when you have 25% less air than factory spec. Now, learning PV=nrT would be ideal, but not everyone is going to do that. Instead, hook this up, get up to spec, even if it is your daily commuter, and be that much more safe. Let’s be honest; you already have the compressor. Do it at your house in less time than it would take to go to the filling station, where everyone else is trying to do the same thing. If you were going to do this at your house, this thing means you will be standing in the cold for about a quarter of the time it would normally take.

    I am not a materials engineer. This thing is hearty, though. The tubing is actually pleasing to the touch, and doesn’t feel like it will get brittle. The quick connects are nice, and I haven’t had an issue yet. I also got the built in digital gauge, which sits in a billet piece.

    Ladies and gentlemen, this thing is nice. Just buy it. It is the coolest thing you didn’t know you needed.

  13. James C.

    Just wow
    This is truly a time saving set up
    Airing down I wish I could set a pressure
    Airing up same thing
    But down to 12 psi xs 4 tires in about 10 minutes including set up
    Where this is insanely impressive is we aired up 3 Jeeps from 12-33 in less than a half hour (minus frozen mud valve stem covers) I am insanely impressed

  14. jeff (verified owner)

    Great for airing down and up. I was a little worried about the valve stem attachments, but they work great.

  15. Anthony Bower

    Absolutely love this setup combined with the Maxi Trac twin cylinder compressor!! Makes airing up and down quick and easy on my Toyota 4Runner!! The hoses are durable, light weight and don’t kink.

  16. Connor Devlin (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Paired this with a Viar 300p portable compressor and did the trick in 10-15 minutes for 275/70/17’s airing up. The fact that it balances them all out at the same time is pretty sweet even when airing down. And note to anyone buying a Viar with it GET THE ADAPTER. I REPEAT, you have to buy the adapter separately. They don’t tell you this or if they do I missed it.

  17. Telia T

    Omg!!!! We received our kit Friday, January 21st and used it for the first time yesterday. So very impressed!!!!!! We were so amazed by how fast it aired up all four of our 4runner tires at one time from 17 psi to 36 psi!!! Absolutely amazing and one of the best purchases EVER!!!!!!! Cannot say enough good about this company and their product!!!!!

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