MORRFlate Stubby™ Manifold


Sitewide Note: We are currently out of stock on our MORRFlate round bags :(. They are expected to arrive at our warehouse on 5/30/24. All hose kits are in stock and we will be shipping them without the round bags. Once the bags arrive we will ship them out and they will magically show up on your doorstep! Please email if you have any questions at Cheers!
Note About This Product: Nothing to note as of now. Stay safe on the trails!


The great thing about our Stubby™ System is the modularity and “choose your adventure” design! You can mix, match, and setup whatever setup you need for your applications.

At minimum, you will need a Manifold and a Hose. If you have already purchased a manifold from us, and are just looking to add a hose option since you picked up a Sprinter Van recently, then find your way to our Mega Hoses!

This purchase comes with one Stubby Manifold and does not include any hoses.

To see all of the options for the stubby, head to the MORRFlate Stubby Modular Inflation Deflation Kits page!