MORRFlate Locking Collar Air Chucks


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Get your inflation and deflation game on!

  • Quick Engagement to your valve stem (works on short valve stems and Apex Rapid Valves)
  • High flow core engagement (depresses the valve core fully, every time)
  • Spring loaded check valve (closed flow)
  • 3 tooth locking collar engagement (3 is more better!)
  • Rebuildable and cleanable

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Introducing an awesome new project! Our newly designed MORRFlate Locking Collar Air Chucks!


Our previous air chucks from Haltec were great, but we buckled down and found a way to make them better. We took the H5265 Haltec chucks and broke them all the way down and examined every single part to find an improvement. Check out all of the features below:

Going from the bottom to the top, we have an array of small changes that culminate in huge utility:

We decreased the Outside Diameter (OD) of the entire thing by about 10%. This helps the air chuck fit into tighter spaces.

We increased the thickness of the check valve gasket, and made it more malleable. This makes it less likely for dirt and grime to get stuck in the gasket and cause a leak from the check valve.

We added a spring into the check valve. This fixes the problem of the check valve getting stuck open when it gets dirty or gummed up and no longer having to tap the air chuck on a tire to dislodge the check valve.

We got rid of the thread sealant, and added a rubber o-ring to seal up the body. This allows for easier disassembly and leak-free re-assembly when doing your annual air chuck maintenance.

And probably last, but the biggest change that we are excited about… We decreased the depth of engagement by almost 60%! This allows complete and full valve core engagement, EVERY time. Thus ensuring your MORRFlate inflates and deflates evenly, every time. It also means that we now work great, even on shorter valve stems, such as Apex Rapid Valves! All while maintaining a closed flow air chuck. There truly isn’t another air chuck that we feel can compete with these.

Use them the exact same way as our previous style of air chuck. To lock the air chuck onto your valve stem, have the collar pulled all the way back, push the air chuck onto your valve stem as far as it will go, then slide the collar forward while holding pressure on the valve stem. Once locked on, they will not come off thanks to the re-aligned 3 teeth engagement.

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