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Keep your MORRFlate locking collar chucks and tire valve stems clean!

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The MORRFlate Caps are designed to keep your 3 tooth locking collar air chucks and couplers clean! Let’s face it, tires get dirty. In order to work on dirty things a MORRFlate has to get dirty.

Over time dirt, sand, mud, and grime will get into ANY air chuck while offroading. Help your MORRFlate’s air chucks last longer between cleanings with these caps. You can also use them to help keep any air couplers clean too! If you do need to clean them, check out our Maintenance Guide

While you’re at it, keep your valve stems clean too!

In order to keep your MORRFlate working evenly on all tires, it is extremely important to keep your valve stems clean! The valve core already restricts air flow so much… if there is ANY bit of dirt, sand, or debris in your valve stems (even 1 grain of sand!), then your MORRFlate 4 Tire Kit won’t be able to evenly inflate or deflate your tires.

But, at the same time, who wants to sit there and spend the time to unscrew and screw on your valve stem caps? Especially if it’s raining, snowing, or just a really cold morning in Moab and your fingers don’t want to work. Simply grab the EZ Pull top of these bad boys and pull them off your valve stem! When you’re done, just push them back on.

**One purchase gets you a set of 4 MORRFlate Caps, and 4 EZ Pull Valve Stem Caps

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