MORRFlate Ultimate Off Road Tire Repair Kit


Sitewide Note: Update on the back order! Parts came in, we should have all orders through 3/14 out the door by end of day 3/22. Everything through 3/21 should be out the door by 3/27-3/28. Please email if you have any questions at Cheers!


Always be prepared for what the trail has to throw at you with our Ultimate Off Road Tire Repair Kit

Each Ultimate Off Road Tire Repair Kit Includes:

  • (2) Solid metal tee handles with rubber dipped coatings for grip
  • (2) Reamers
  • (2) Plug “needle plungers” with built in stopper
  • (1) Needle Nose Plier w/ textured grips
  • (50) Self Vulcanizing tire plugs
  • (6) Replacement Rubber Valve Stems (.453″ wheel hole)
  • (1) Razor Blade
  • (6) Schrader Valve Cores
  • (1) Valve core removal tool
  • (5) Quick nail plugs
  • (6) Metal valve stem caps
  • (6) Short rubber valve stem caps
  • (6) Quick Adjustment Deflator Valve Stem Caps
  • (1) 2 oz cup of grease

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Tire repair kits come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. With options for all sorts of different parts and equipment in them. It has always amazed us as to the quality of legit off road tire repair kits on the market.

Some come with only a small handful of tire plugs (which you go through all of after one sidewall hit). Some only come with plastic tee handle plungers. Most don’t have a stopper, so you loose your tire plug inside the tire. And almost no kits on the market actually come with extra valve stems. It has made us beg the question of if our industry has really and truly considered all of the offroaders needs when it comes to off road tire repair kits. After searching forever, we decided to make our own.

Some of the highlights of our Ultimate Off Road Tire Repair Kit include BEEFY, all metal tee handles, dipped and sealed in rubberized silicone for ease of cleaning and strength to insert tire plugs. We give you PLENTY of self vulcanizing tire plugs (50 to be exact). And lots of valve stems to cover you and your buddies. Because, let’s face it, EVERYONE will rip off at least 1 valve stem throughout their wheeling lives.

Our Ultimate Off Road Tire Repair Kit should cover you for 70% of your needs while offroading, if you want to be able to leave that spare tire at home, then make sure to check out our Xtreme 4×4 Tire Repair Kit, which includes our Ultimate Off Road Tire Repair Kit, a GlueTread 4×4 SideWall Repair Kit, a 2 pack of Colby Valve’s Permanent Replacement Valves, and our new “Rock n Roll” Organizer Bag. With those 3 kits combined, you should be able to take care of 99% of anything that happens to your tires while out enjoying the trails.


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