MORRFlate Mega Magnetic Drink Holder


Sitewide Note: We are currently out of stock on our MORRFlate round bags :(. More bags are expected to arrive at our warehouse 6/20 at this time. If you placed an order before 6/3 your round bags have been shipped out. Hose kits are currently in stock and are shipping without bags at this time. We really appreciate your patience! If you have questions or need an update please reach out to us at Cheers!


Keep your drinks safe… on any ferrous metal!

  • 3 Rare Earth Magnets
  • Leather Sleeve Backing to increase hanging friction
  • Strategically sized to carry your C-, White Claws, or Campfire Stouts
  • Tested to hold a 1 Campfire Stour, 1 Calicraft, and 3 White Claws… all at the same time!