MORRFlate 6 Tire Modular Trailer Kit


Sitewide Note: We are currently out of stock on our MORRFlate round bags :(. They are expected to arrive at our warehouse on 5/30/24. All hose kits are in stock and we will be shipping them without the round bags. Once the bags arrive we will ship them out and they will magically show up on your doorstep! Please email if you have any questions at Cheers!


  • Inflate and Deflate up to 6 tires in a trailer/tow vehicle configuration
  • Detach the trailer leads when not in use, and store them with the trailer
  • Comes with a Quad+ 155″ with built in gauge 4 Tire kit
  • Comes with 2 Trailer leads to plug into the push to connect couplers
  • Choose between 15ft and 24ft trailer leads
  • Comes with 2 storage bags
  • All the other benefits of our industry changing Quad Hose Kits