MORRFlate Stubby Quad 125 Hoses (4 Tire, 125″ wheelbase)


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This purchase comes with the following:

  • Quad 125 Hoses (4 Tire, 125″ wheelbase)
  • Round MORRFlate carrying bag


Do you have multiple toys? Maybe you are looking for an easier way to coil up your MORRFlate… Or maybe you just like to be fancy with your quick disconnects. Whatever your reason, we have the Stubby Modular parts for you!

The goal of the Stubby Modular MORRFlate Kit is interchangeability! Say you have a SxS, a JT (Jeep Gladiator for us non Jeep folks), and a dually RV. Now you can get 1 manifold, and then order the hoses according to your needs for each of the vehicles. Each hose you purchase comes with its own bag, so you can store the hoses with the vehicle they are intended to be used with. And with the addition of single tire hoses, tool hoses, and more, the options are nearly limitless! If you have a special need that we don’t have listed, contact us and we will see what we can do to make it happen for you!

Options for the Stubby Modular MORRFlate Inflation Deflation kits are:

All of our hose kits come with industrial grade crimps, non corrosive brass or aluminum fittings, and our own specially designed hose which doesn’t kink, doesn’t hold a memory (it will always lay out flat no matter how long you’ve had it coiled up),  doesn’t get brittle or frozen in cold temperatures, and good for upwards of 22 CFM of airflow. To get a complete idea of the MORRFlate design theory, check out our article on The MORRFlate Off Road Multi Tire Inflation Deflation Kit.

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