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This is the same great product as our regular Quad+ 155 with gauge! Just with the added benefit of supporting the Galactic Empire! We only made 25 of these, so May the 4th be with you! Once they are out of stock, they are gone!

Inflate, Deflate, and Equalize air pressure in all 4 tires, all at once. See all of the uses below:

– Air up 1 to 4 tires simultaneously (Less stress on your compressor!)
– Air down 1 to 4 tires simultaneously (Less stress on you!)
– Check all of the tires’ PSI from the manifold (No more continuously bending over checking PSIs)
– Move air from a spare tire into other tires
– Effortlessly equalize tire pressures
– Make all 4 tires the same pressure
– Run different PSI in the front tires from the back tires
– This version fits up to a 155″ wheelbase with the air source in the middle of the front or rear bumper areas.
– If your air source is in a different location (such as mounted in your engine bay), check out our MORRFlate Extensions
– All MORRFlates fit ARB and PowerTank fittings “plug n play” If you have a Smittybilt, Viair, Warn Powerplant, or something modeled after those, you will need a MORRFlate Adapter Kits.
– Read the entire MORRFlate Off Road 4 Tire Inflation Deflation Kit article for more detailed information!

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Inflate, Deflate, and Equalize up to 4 tires with no installation, and no prep. Just pull your MORRFlate Quad+ out of its storage bag, hook it onto your tires, and grab a drink while all your friends get their squats in.

The MORRFlate Quad+ is made with simplicity and durability in mind. It is rated for up to 22CFM, 200psi, -40 to 150 degrees F. It is kink and abrasion resistant, does not hold memory, and there is no installation required.

It will fit up to 155″ wheelbase vehicles (most full size, dual cab, long bed vehicles) with an air source in the middle of the front bumper, or the middle of the rear bumper.

If you have an even longer wheelbase, check out the MORRFlate Mega Quad Off Road 4 Tire Inflation Deflation Kit (up to 200″ wheelbase, plus options for dually and tandem rear axles).

The entire MORRFlate line will work “plug n play” with any air source that uses an “IM Coupler” to connect to. This means ARB compressors and PowerTanks. If you have a Smittybilt, Viaire, Warn Powerplant, or something else modeled off of one of those, you will need to check out our MORRFlate Adapter Kits.

If your air source is in a different location, check out our MORRFlate Extensions.

Don’t forget your MORRFlate Digital Gauge with your order!

To read the complete writeup, check out our article on The MORRFlate Off Road Multi Tire Inflation Deflation Kits.


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Weight6 lbs
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Built in Gauge (+$24.99), No Gauge


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