Wit’s End MORRFlate Chuck Pacifier


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Joey Romero, Mr. Wit’s End has a colorful personality, some amazing hospital gowns, and creates some artful masterpieces. These are no exception. Get yourself some “pacifier caps” and keep your MORRFlate Locking Collar Air Chucks clean!

  • Anodized billet aluminum
  • MORRFlate Tether for a quick and easy pull out
  • Designed for the MF Locking Collar Air Chucks
  • Fits any standard Schrader Valve air chuck

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Apparently, some of you MF’rs out there know Joey over at Wit’s End! And bugged him enough to make some of his famous “pacifiers” for the MORRFlate Chucks! Massive kudos to you, because this was a match made in heaven. Joey got to work and made some absolutely beautiful artwork for us, and all of you to enjoy!

The Wit’s End MORRFlate Chuck Pacifiers fit all of our schrader valve  air chucks. They were designed for our MORRFlate Locking Collar Air Chucks, but honestly, they would work for pretty much any air chuck that fits a standard schrader valve.

These pacifier “caps” are dual purpose:

  • With the o ring on them, they keep dirt and grime and other elements out of the check valve of your chucks
  • Since you have to put the collars into the “locked” position on the chucks to secure the pacifier caps on, you are less likely to get dirt and debris under the locking collars from dropping them in the dirt.

Using these will go a long way to helping your air chucks stay clean and working correctly. We still recommend cleaning your air chucks at least once a year whether you run a cap or not. To see how to do that, head over to our Air Chuck Maintenance video!

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