Single Tooth Straight Chucks


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This purchase will come with 4 Single Tooth Straight Chucks.

  • Closed Flow
  • Single Tooth – Default Engaged
  • Lever Actuated


These Single Tooth Straight Chucks are replacements for our 3 Tooth Locking Collar Air Chucks if your tire valve stem is in a tight spot where the thicker locking collar style chucks will not fit into. Or if your aftermarket wheel has the valve stems setup extremely close to, or behind a “rock ring” where the thicker 3 Tooth Locking Collar style will not fit.

These also fit onto Apex Rapid Valve’s valve stem. Since the threaded part of the Apex Rapid Valves is shorter than OEM manufactured valve stems, the teeth inside our 3 tooth locking collar chucks are too far inset to securely grab onto the threads of the Apex Rapid Valves.

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Weight.5 lbs


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