MORRFlate Fall Refresh Bundle



Refresh your MORRFlate with our Fall Bundle of fun new accessories!


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We are coming up on closing out our 3rd year in business! Now that we have had a bunch of MORRFlates out in the wild, playing in the dirt, and getting dragged through the mud, we have made some fun products and updates to help maintain the longevity of your MORRFlate Multi Tire Inflation Deflation™ Kits!


First off is our new MORRFlate Bags! We took our same circular bag with durable 600D material, and enlarged the front pocket to fit more inflation/deflation accessories. We also gave it a full zipper’d pocket to keep everything in the pocket, rather than having to find that compressor adapter that fell out in the back of your rig somewhere. And to top it off, we added a vented mesh window on the bottom of the bag. This will help your MORRFlate air out after getting used in any moisture.


Next up is a set each of our new caps! 1 set of MORRFlate Caps helps keep your air chucks clean and lasting longer between maintenance. And 1 set of MORRFlate Valve Stem Caps helps keep your valve stems clean so that you get nice and even air flows into all 4 tires no matter what environment you go off roading in.

Also included in our bundle is our new MORRFlate Hook N Loop Cinch Straps! These will be coming standard on all MORRFlate kits starting October 2021. They are far more robust than our previous hook and loop straps, and will continue to hold much longer than previous models.

Last but not least is one of the team’s absolute favorite products, our MORRFlate Mega Magnetic Drink Holder! These are beastly with 3 rare earth magnets and a leather backing to keep your drinks holding tight and resisting movement. Our testing has shown that 1 of these can hold FIVE 12oz cans of your favorite beverage before they fall. Never worry about knocking over your drinks while scottling… just attach it to the side of your vehicle!

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Hook N Loop Straps

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