MORRFlate TenSix™ Portable 12v Off Road Air Compressor – Gen2


Sitewide Note: All hose kits are currently on back order for a couple of weeks here. The current ETA is March 10. Everything else is in stock. If your order includes a hose kit, we will ship it all together once the hose kits are ready :) Please email if you have any questions at Cheers!
Note About This Product:This compressor is not designed for 1 tire at a time. You can still air up a single flat if you need to, but the duty cycle dwindles to 8-10min doing 1 tire at a time. Airing up an entire vehicle, 1 tire at a time, will damage the TenSix. It just simply puts out too much air and is optimized for 4 tires at a time.


  • 10.6 CFM dual cylinder compressor at 0 PSI
  • 6.5 CFM at 30 psi
  • 150 psi rated
  • PSI Cutoff Switch (80psi on, 120psi off)
  • Thermal Cutoff Switch & Purge Valve
  • 80% duty cycle @ 0psi (45min on, 10min off) (6-8 vehicles) (see duty cycle chart)
  • 12v, 90amps peak, ~50amp running
  • 14x7x9″ external dimensions
  • 70-75 dB noise level from 1ft distance
  • Beefed up carrying bag with accessory pockets
  • Threaded filter caps so the compressor can now be mounted in any direction/orientation (except upside down)
  • USA Standard color matched air fitting – Push-to-connect “Universal” Coupler (Works with 1/4″ Industrial, Auto, or Aro fittings)
  • WARNING: Compressors get hot! Recommended to wear the included MORRFlate Groovy Gloves while disconnecting air fittings.
  • Since the TenSix™ is rated for 10.6 CFM, it is highly recommended to use with a MORRFlate 4 Tire Inflation & Deflation™ Kit to avoid back pressures on the compressor from filling 1 tire at a time.

    Gen2 Upgrades (Also, now unique to only MORRFlate):

    • Stainless Steel Outlet Hose (for better heat dissipation and heat sinking)
    • Purge Valve (to release the internal pressures when done)
    • Resized Aluminum heat sinks (upgraded from ABS so they actually fit the cylinders and work)
    • Internal aluminum cylinders (upgraded from mild steel to dissipate heat better)
    • Thermoconductive paste between the cylinders and heat sinks (to help with heat transfer away from the cylinders)
    • New piston rings (better material for wear and heat resistance longevity).

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