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How To Install The MORRFlate Smittybilt Adapter

Do yourself a favor and follow the instructions below

to swap out Smittybilt’s high flow schrader connections

with an industry standard connection:

Please note, since writing this article, we have launched our Plug N Play Smittybilt Adapters. If you would like to permanently modify your Smittybilt compressor to use standard air fittings, then continue on with the article!

Do you have a Smittybilt Mobile Compressor? Have you noticed that the connections on your compressor are non standard connections? If you haven’t then take a second to check it out…

Below we have a few of the most common connections for the air and pneumatics industries. You have probably seen and recognize these guys from dealing with different off road components throughout the years.

Most off road companies stick to these industry standard connections. Power Tank, Viaire, ARB and Warn all use the same “I/M” connections for most of their air products. Smittybilt, however, likes to use a non standard plug known as a “Japanese Nitto Q” connection. Here is what the Nitto Q connection looks like that is on your Smittybilt compressor:

The Nitto Q connection is nice, because, with a larger inside diameter (ID) (or orifice), it can push a lot more airflow through it than the industry standards listed above. However, do we really need this higher air flow?? Let’s take a look and do some math.

Above you can see a chart that shows air flow capabilities through an orifice in cubic feet per minute (CFM) at different PSIs. Take a look at 2 key cells (highlighted). Your tire valve stems (and any regular Schrader Valve) is roughly a 1/16″ diameter orifice. This means that, at 20 PSI, your tire’s valve stem can only handle about 2CFM of air flow. The industry standard connections above are roughly 1/4″ diameter orifice (maybe a tad bit smaller… but bigger than 1/8″). At 20 PSI, the industry standard connections can push 31 CFM of air flow. That is 15x more than what your tires can actually accept. \

With the Nitto Q connections that Smitty uses, you can definitely achieve much higher flow rates than 31 CFM, but you won’t actually be able to use it at all because those compressors put out a max of 5.65CFM, and your tires can only accept 2 CFM. So why setup a compressor with non standard, high flow connections, that end up rendering your compressor useless if you want to use it with any air accessories? Nevermind that the Smittybilt terminates its air hose with a regular schrader valve to connect to your tires, that renders the high flow schrader connections completely useless.

Tools you will need to make the swap:

Step 1:

Take your favorite pair of scissors and cut the black, rubber Smittybilt hose at the red line pictured above.

Step 2:

Insert the MORRFlate Smittybilt Adapter into the black hose that you just cut (the end that is still attached to the compressor).

Step 3:

Put the hose clamp over the black rubber hose, within 1/4″ of the MORRFlate Smittybilt Adapter and tighten it down with your screwdriver.

Step 4:

Sit back and admire your handy work! Now that you have successfully converted your Smittybilt Compressor to industry standard fittings, you can use your MORRFlate 4 Tire Inflation Deflation™ Kit plug n play! And now that your Smittybilt compressor can actually use all of its 5.65CFM, you should notice a huge difference in air up times and lower heat levels on the compressor itself.

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