How To Clean Your MORRFlate Air Chucks!

After lots of use, your MORRFlate may start to leak from the air chucks. Or, the locking collars get jammed up and don’t want to engage and disengage. These 2 symptoms are typically signs that your air chucks are dirty (dirty is a good thing! It means your kit is getting used!) Follow the steps below to clean them up and get them working good as new!

If you want to put off the cleaning process longer, then make sure to check out our MORRFlate Caps that go over the air chucks and help keep the dirt and grime off!

Materials You Will Need:

  • Your MORRFlate
  • Compressed Lubricant (we use WD40)
  • 2 Wrenches or Locking Pliers
  • A Rag

To Clean the Locking Collar:

  1. Slide the locking collar down
  2. Spray lubricant down into the locking collar
  3. Slide the locking collar up and down
  4. Clear any dirt or debris that builds up
  5. Repeat if necessary to remove more dirt and grime

To Clean Inside The Air Chuck:

  1. Using wrenches/locking pliers, loosen and unscrew the locking collar from the larger brass hex
  2. Continue to unscrew from the brass hex, taking care not to lose the small silver pin inside
  3. Spray lubricant inside. Use a finger or toothbrush to clear dirt/debris from the white rubber gasket
  4. Replace pin, cylinder side down, into the brass hex
  5. Thread the silver locking collar back onto the brass hex
  6. Let lubricant dry for 12-24 hours

That’s it! If you have any more questions about this process, please reach out to us and we will help you however we can!

If you want something that you can print out and have at your work bench, please download the PDF here!

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