MORRFlate Valve Stem Caps


  • 4 “MF” Valve Stem Caps to make airing up and down even easier
  • Keeps dirt and debris out of your valve stems
  • Keeps ice building out of your valve stems
  • Keeps air flowing consistently through all 4 valve stems for your MORRFlate Multi Tire Kits


The number one way to keep your MORRFlate working properly is to keep your valve stems and valve cores clean and clear of dirt and debris. These MORRFlate Valve Stem Caps slip on and slip off easily. One motion on, one motion off. No more sitting there twisting your valve stem caps to put them on and off.

These MF Caps do run a little on the tight side to make sure that they never fall off and get lost while going through whatever elements and terrain you put them through. So DO NOT push them all the way on to your valve stems! Leave a little bit of space at the top so that you can squeeze and grab them to pull them off.

Additional information

Weight.2 lbs
Dimensions3 × 3 × 1 in


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